Loudspeakers VOBA acoustic are result of handwork and of intensive 30 years long development in electroacoustic range.

VOBA acoustic & CABLE 4 YOU developments brought a few original constructional solutions that positively support the final sound and optical features of loudspeakers and audio cables. The top uality technologies, materials and components are chosen for development and construction only.

Loudspeakers VOBA acoustic and CABLE 4 YOU audio cables are handmade from reference and natural materials only. Maximal care is given to each pair of them. Frequency filters of our loudspeakers are always carefully designed. Optimizing frequency filters is done considering independent listening tests. In our opinion this is the only way to achieve appropriate results.

Measurements is used more during prototype development phase. Our engineering results are confront with more of independent listening tests results furthermore. We believe, that we found right way how to solve many problems in audio branch and you will be completely satisfied with results of our work.