VOBA Know-How reference modular system (r. m. s.) is the top four-way loudspeaker system compounded with several independent modules (enclosures) that are set into the compact loudspeaker system. Final form of the whole cabinet dossy appearance and at the same time optimum acoustic quality of whole loudspeaker system was reached. Now we discuss VOBA Know-How upper-most model (flag-ship) of VOBA e .a. f. The model itself was designed and produced with any compromise. Maximum care was devoted to each important parameter of whole loudspeaker system.

Bass driver works into (especially designed for this model) an acoustic circuit A.R.A.D.C. (Anti-Resonant Acoustic dumping Circuit) that is produced from composite based on fenolic polymer, pitch and other inevitable admixtures. In all critical places of the acoustic circuits the precisely designed absorb sandwich, compact material with optimal mutual dampening quality is placed there. An acoustic circuit A.R.A.D.C. resists withstanding resonance in unrivalled way and effectively eliminates the upright rise of stationary wave of air inside the baffle.

Each cabinet for middle drivers is designed for accomplishing demands for optimal inner volume, form and materials of the baffle. Specially designed and well-experienced optimalized mixture, which consists of exquisite acrylate, polymers, elastomer, fabric admixtures and HDF; was used for modulus' construction. Geometry and whole inner volume of baffles for both middle drivers were preciously designed and indisputably tested and experienced. There is also used a suitable combination of muffle material with natural cell's structure (real sheep wool), PUR and melanin resin's foams with optimal coefficient of volumes weight; in purpose of a need to muffle in the work space inside the enclosures.

The baffle's front side of the modular system where the loudspeaker radiate the highest frequencies and of the sandwich construction is situated. All speakers are installed into each baffle by method developed and successfully in use only by VOBA e. a. f.

The aim of this modification is to eliminate the transmission of relevant resonance originating by "acoustic stress" inside the system from baffles to drivers and back. We manage to project an optimal diameter of rounding the external edges in account of measuring. The edges on the critical front side are projected to participate in any negative way on the final frequency characteristics (mainly in higher frequencies).
Optimal position of speakers is reached by back warding of the front side of the whole modular system. Similar "acoustic ways" from each modular system's loudspeaker KNOW-HOW against the listener's listening place is reached by this modification. On the front side where both middle drivers are installed, the material AUDIOBAC (Audio Band bass Absorber Compound) is placed. AUDIOBAC is specially designed for referential modular system VOBA Know-How.

The bass driver, similar to speakers for low-middle frequencies; has the membrane made from carbon-paper composite with direct-current arrangements of filaments. This modification wants to deal with relevant parasitic oscillations on the loudspeaker membrane.
6,96inch low-middle driver overlarge driving and perfored permanent magnet (all modified by the producer) is appended by the phase diffuser made of alloy of callow metals. 4,44inch middle driver with overlarge driving and polypropylene's membrane all specially designed for this model is dispatched with similar phase diffuser. An alloy of callow metals was used in producing baskets of all employed loudspeakers. Tweeter is a passive ring radiator made of silk of a diameter 0,98inch, fits in massive aluminium's desks. A stationary phase advancer is placed in axis of the hirise alternator. All loudspeakers of the VOBA KNOW-HOW system are modified by the new anti-resonant change A. R. J. (Anti Resonant Junction). Aim of this modification is a minimalisation of mechanical resonance and global improvement of electric-mechanical parameters of the speakers itself.

The frequency filter of the modular system VOBA KNOW-HOW is compounded exclusively from parts of referential quality.

For each frequency filter there were selected and used components and parts with the most suitable diameter of general quality (air core foil's, MOX resistors, special polypropylene capacitors with a silver and gold foil kept in oil, etc.).
Special output capacitors, same as all output interconnections of all modules VOBA KNOW-HOW loudspeaker system, represent carefully designed and procession of components of CABLE 4 YOU production. Links among all parts of the passive frequency filter are traditionally interpreted ("accomplished") with any use of "flat connections". Each part of the frequency filter of VOBA KNOW-HOW reference modular system are installed in independent functional units, which are placed in the cabinet's back part.
Referential modular loudspeaker system VOBA KNOW-HOW is recommended for installing into middle big sized and big sized listening rooms.
System:four-way modular system,
with A.R.A.D.C. in the compact enclosure
Drive units:1x10,03 inch, 1x6,96 inch, 1x4,44 inch
Frequency response:1x0,98 inch (ring radiator)
Sensitivity:23,4Hz - 22,5kHz
92db (2,83V/1m)
Dimensions:52,75x14,56x25,59 inches
Weight:820 lbs
1040 lbs (shipping weight)