"... unambiguous winner (dead nature). Without any qualms! ***** "

"... filling of "emptiness among strains", accession of little nuances in tone's colours and whine basses. Further growth of dynamism in all frequencies which were evident mainly in middle and high frequencies."

"... the only possible competitor from the test C4Y Oreen. Dee-Lite is nevertheless very universal cable, which brings also big improvement of the sound being bringing in audio systems lower categories. Gigantic dynamism of the audio signal is perceptible probably in the matter of AIR dielectric (air dielectric)"

From competitor's correspondence: ".... excellent cable, congratulation and envy. :- )"

"Very dynamic, airy and accurate sound, which instantly pull the listener into rhythm of recordings. Sound contains an exemplary way with lot of musical details. Very neutral, rather drier."

"C4Y Dee-Lite is very dynamic. It presets an airy and accurate sound. For example you can see almost in the neck of the blues singer while listening the record. It embodies big dynamism of the recordings, accuracy incident to the sound and neutrality. Localization of every single instrument sounds very well. Depiction of all musical details is absolutely exemplary. It has consummate fulfilment."

"...I kept on having replaced my cables by Dee-Lite. This replacement seated me into an armchair because the result was even better than it had been with C4Y Audiolace 1.0T. I couldn't tire myself of such crystal sound."

"Dee-Lite model from CABLE 4 YOU is meanwhile the number one for me, the real reference cable. As far as I find better one I am another interested person in buying that white miracle. Thanks for lending once more..."

"...I'll have more time for listening music in following days. I'll be glad having an opportunity to examine some other cables from the C4Y production, but I do not believe it will be better because better sound than that I've heard before that white lookers cannot exist, perhaps..."

"...It was clear on the first listening-before upright seasoning; that I am discussing an unexceptional and dynamic interconnecting cable. I suspected dealing with quite new cable that is why I executed his "seasoning" more than 45 hours and commenced tests afterwards."

"My characteristics of listening are: this cable has quite exemplary depiction of all musical details on recordings. Rich and dynamic sound in global. Dynamism is unexceptionable. During listening you are pulled right into the musical rhythm. It is one of the best interconnecting cables I've tested..."

"...further filling of "emptiness among strains", accession of little nuances in tone's colours and whine basses. Further growth of dynamism in all frequencies, which were mostly in middles and trebles. Very well balanced sound which benefits to reproduce music at home..."

"...everything is clear! This cable "plays" better (perhaps in everything) than my own reference does. Pure airy trebles open to maximum. 100% more "air" on basses, perhaps. Incompetence on strings is more hearable and seems to be closer to me. All fine details are more obvious. Mainly the "airiness"! Everything is firmer and delimited in all. I would say that all sounds more natural. Splendour! Getting to this product I see as a great advantage..."

"I already take it little bit personally. Dee-Lite stuck to my heart."

"...primary sound impression (a matter of the first fact indeed, because I tested only today not more than two hours) are following: this cable distinguish from all I have had a possibility to listen to. I noticed the change of the sound from the first strike to piano; there was any need in getting hardly through. Sound is rich with unexceptionable space and excellent basses. It is basically sort of "undisturbed", harmonic, formed. After that an inquest, which is very good in low level details, followed. I begin to perceive strains, which I had no-noted sooner. But the beauty is only pacific so there is no auditory fatigue some time later on (like it often happens to present edges cables). It is very well balanced in frequency, perhaps with gently emphasized basses which I feel positively in general context..."

"After replacement of Cardas by CABLE 4 YOU Dee-Lite the growth of details in middles, higher middles and trebles was reached. Bass reinforced about nuance. Anteroposterioric ratio did not improve; the sound smoothed back nor in big loudness there any aggressive opinion on middle frequencies. In comparison with Cardas Dee-Lite has more accurate and steadier localization, the sound is "kerf" and doesn't move."

"I found it the best interconnecting cable I've ever had in hand from the very first moment of listening. Rich sound with amazing details. I begun to notice sounds and nuances in some records which I have not noticed nor realized before. Music is calmed down, not aggressive with good dynamic, otherwise not at the expense of assault and fable production. Dee-Lite could be listened non-stop. The approximation to the pattern when the cable should disappear (not influence) is quite evident in here..."


"We left the half-day test of cables made by CABLE 4 YOU at the very end. We tested 2 models of the new referential series from the producer of these top audio cables, indeed-model Oreen and Dee-Lite."

"Dee-Lite wins in everything we tested. In fact Oreen Is very close to Dee-Lite and it seems to sound even better in basses' passages; having better "Klang" (as our colleagues call it), but Dee-Lite feeds the sound, space and dynamism such in common that hardly any other cable of this price category could compete him. To be honest, both flexes from CABLE 4 YOU production played some songs better than all references we've used before."

"I listened it only for 2 evenings and that is not enough. My first impressions: major improvement of space in both frequencies, I bear to say-the high frequency including. Even more there is a sound's compression, middles and trebles are clearer, the scene is more natural and synoptic. I appreciate it in classical music... P.S. It will be difficult to pass it away..."

"...immediately hearable influence. I felt even bigger space than ever before. I haven't expected that! And to be honest, I did not want to test it! I did not trust in sound's differences among cables at first and I don't have a good quality audio installation either. Nevertheless I couldn't stay apart so I tried it in hurry (just to calm myself). The only shame: I did not manage to listen to some more. But considering the Sting's CD it was prominent. I realized the difference immediately after opening. Mainly on basses. I feel it much better there. I must add that they look nice as well. My one-year-old daughter adored them as soon as she had seen them; she wanted them!!!

"In comparison with other tested group of cables (which are twice the price- e.g. the highest model XLO from Ultra's series) the reproduction with C4Y Silversnake One shows off many more details..."

"...Excellent mapping of "anteroposterioric and left to right" space. Cable's design is well created according to the testers. Connecting the C4Y Audio X-treme the users knew that they got for they money the cable which also looks nice..."

" is an "airy" cable. In comparison with my present references this one is more stable in frequencies..."

"...CABLE 4 YOU Audio X-treme managed to offer me an illusion of 3D space, being linked in my audio equipment. This is unbelievable with a "reproduction's" cable. The bass is perfectly dynamic and all instruments are in their places. I've never heard that with any other reproduction able..."

"I can't even talk. It totally got me! Together with VOBA V.A.C.T. loudspeakers all differ totally from that I was used to till now. The instrumental colour, voices, space...

I feel like having an opportunity to touch the musicians myself. It drove me positively crazy. CABLE 4 YOU engineers are simply masters!!!":-)


"I bow down! Detailed sound with any embellishments is concerned here. The scene splits and is full of music. The music is very rich nothing dwells, nothing misses. Musicians sit fest in their seats in the left-right and anteroposteric direction. They are located little in other place than they are with other cables and they play "more slowly". I feel it as an evident proof of great detail's transmission. Instruments have its size and colour. I heard well the violin and woodwind for the first time, perhaps. Drums go out well too, with colours of a metal plate. The same is kept for cymbal, brushstrokes, side drum and other various drums' sounds. Everything has its colour, "flickering and tailing". Low tones contain their own timbre, bass strings vibrations and "fart" of tubas are very realistic. Bangs on diamond and kettledrums contain spank on membranes and diamond's responses...

P.S. one from listeners declare "that's I constitute myself".

"I got the loudspeaker cable CABLE 4 YOU 2in1/6. 3. in my hands. This cable managed to settle the scene and to detail the for-draw of instruments and sound's colours of strings, drums and so on. Contribution to the final sound is grater then the replacement of whole audio components. I was not the only one who had realized it. More listeners examined the cables. The cable does not offer an effective ound. The sound is "only" very realistic. I was lucky to listen to the live audition of Prague's Chamber Orchestra and the piano's trio for testing the cable. The audition proceeded particularly in the theatre where the sound was sort of pedantic. Still it sounded very close to the studio record. Any common cables are only "effect ones" in comparison with C4Y 2in1/6. 3. The others are surely interesting in the ratio price/output, but they are always highlighting something. They don't keep straight and e.g. it fails in good showing the arrangement of the orchestra. My friends-listeners and me we felt like if the musicians seated themselves bit aside. We tested the cable with five different audio sets and the result was always the same-excellent!"

"I sometimes connected the loudspeaker cable C4Y 2in1/6. 3 into an audio system. This cable always brought better resolution, reinforced basses, seated instruments in their positions and removed "omnipresent nowhere and everywhere inevitable trebles" of the sound. mean the flickering of the sound in the air, which makes the music's "spaciousness". The space is strictly given with this cable. Maybe I am expressing myself in wrong way but I can't write it better way. The reproduction is sounds less loud with this cable too, which evokes so-called sensation of a "wrap" by some listeners. But just turn the regulation of volumes to get the same "ear's loudness". It is checked -out and certified many times!"

"C4Y 2in1/6. 3 cables "seats the tune" better in space and the music sounds richer. Basic tones are not cheated of "transients". Everything is more readable, the stereo-base grows up, tones strengthen and instruments or voices stay stable in one place. According to my reception there is at least part of the instruments' colour arriving, such the part which I am missing in the music reproduction in the real space. I share this experience with many other listeners, who had the opportunity to try C4Y 2in1/6. 3. in their audio sets. Some of them are professionals /acoustic and symphonic ones/ and they even admired the colouring of "their" concrete instrument."

"C4Y 2in1/6. 3 approve having absolutely the same result (being linked in any audio system). In any cases it does not represent sort of correcting ¨element. It behaves the same also being linked to the high- quality systems. It evidently makes better localization and extends the stereo-base. By the way the very first impression is in trebles' declining. Well, trebles sounded and tinkled somewhere in the space before. Now they are stuck to the instrument. And they are not so tinkling and "structural". "I got an opportunity to listen the C4Y 2in1/6. 3 cable few times. Similar results of the sound could be managed by connecting the loudspeakers and monoblock amplifiers nearby the boxes. It plays like with the cable not being there. I know that of the sound of the monoblock amplifiers which are linked with very short cable (not more than 20 cm long). The sound is much steadier, instruments have Berger arrangement, and the sound is richer, more reliable. "Stony" colour, which goes with some cables, disappears. Instruments enter the space. What to add...?"

"I have never experienced such defined space than that I created with this cable. It seems as the musicians distanced each other little bit. Every string, every scratch was immediately hearable."

"I am really amazed. This cable evidently fits in the HIGH END category! They are suitable both for monitoring and for very real listening of music's reproduction. It is approaching with its spectral balance to the fact (reality) how I perceive it myself in my symphonic experiences. The reproduction gets with this cable an unexceptionable space and the music seems to smoothen and slows down."

"After connecting the cable 2in1/6. 3 accession of the music followed. Music became richer keeping still lot of details. It really plays! Instruments' arrangement in space well realized. Violins are really made of wood, I can hear the bassoon..."

"...everything is kept in their places and it plays from there. So the scene is pure then. Also the change in frequency, according to my previous reference, which I couldn't define before, is clear now. My referential cable makes noises like "fizzing" and "swishing" on middles having "stony" basses. Whole spectre is passed more to the more effective sound, which can't be identify as bad with any experience with another sound (in the same audio system). CABLE 4 YOU 2in1/6. 3 passes the sound down and "keeps it stable". Instruments and voices are given more realistic colours and suddenly singers have "lungs".

"I replaced KrautWire Model 4 by CABLE 4 YOU Whitesnake One on position between the pre-amplifier and final amplifier of my audio set (C. E. C. 3100, PASS Pre, PASS Aleph, XAVIAN 350)."

"Everything is clear! C4Y Whitesnake One "defeats" the KrautWire model 4 in everything. Pure "airy" middles, amazing trebles open to maximum, 100% more "air" on basses, perhaps. Blunders on strings are more hearable and seem to be closer. All little details are more perceptible in fact, and the "airiness". Everything is more stable and bounded at all. I would say that everything is more natural (magnificence). I took is as a great advantage having an opportunity to get to this product. Thank you very much!"


" comparison with CABLE 4 YOU Audiolace 1.0 and Audiolace 1.0 T the scene became filled also "among tones". It became richer and instruments were given their volume. Influence of recording space was more evident. Beginnings and endings of tones were more differentiated again. The basses acceded and their details emphasized. The sound was stable, calm, fizzing all right!" "...great space's extending, perfect basses (stable and for-drawn), excellent mapping of details, little bit rigorous trebles (bells and hait), almost realistic extend of the sound's scene. In comparison with KIMBER KCAG the little loose of a realistic component of the sound's picture is noticeable."


"According to the price of repro-systems NOTE Commona is almost unbelievable, that in comparison with my referential very expensive three-way modular repro-systems, these "cheap" ones have better space and definition of musicians in my home space of listening..."

"... the "silence" is amazing...... Such silence in the music. I have never heard it like that before. When I close my eyes the singer's voice sounds like being here with me..."

" When I compare the two-way loudspeakers NOTE Encore with the referential Scandinavian ones, then I must state, that the Scandinavian boxes are not very suitable for listening my favourite music. To be honest they seems to me more like the audiophiles' boxes, where everything is heard, but the music itself is disappearing. I am not interested in them at all. Easily, I am not interested in listening of giggling and so on... I like listening the technique of music and the records' "atmosphere" and I am going through various genres. I prefer the production with any marked contours, that is what NOTE loudspeakers offer without any compromise."

"...the sound is immediately smooth with reproduction loudspeakers NOTE and everything is heard and nothing disturbs me in fact. For more they are only two-way loudspeakers still the basses go deep. When I close my eyes I feel like having much bigger boxes."

"...I am totally taken in by the rich and clear music. These loudspeakers are excellent and I do think that any other two-way boxes would play such wire spectre of music, which I am listening to. Thanks!"

"...I prefer such audio system or loudspeakers, which negotiate musical experience, so that it does not disturb me during listening and that it does not consider all my attention. The NOTE loudspeakers offer it without any discussion. Music is the most important for me and these boxes suite me absolutely."

"...these loudspeakers play really well. I connect it in my home audio system and I really stay in wonder, what I hear. Thanks!"

"... I don't know exactly why, but now I listen to all kinds of music-even to the ones I listened long time ago. Titles, which I was not interested in very much, sound totally different now. It made my "music's point of view" wider. Listening to music is nearly my "drug".

"Thank you very much for opening a new outlook of my life to me. Listening to music is the most preferable doing now (well, apart of my active musical production). Continue in such great work, made for people, who like listening music in their homes. You create a never- ending passion in man's ear."

"I see great contribution in everything in comparison with my previous loudspeakers. It is interesting that the difference among sounds of each component of my audio system grew up."

" just flows from my audio set. I feel like the loudspeakers are not even here. I watch them ,but still it seems that they are NOT playing..."

"Great, sound's absolutely perfect! You are just listening, but you do hear anything. If you get used to it, it became to "climbing" on you. Details, beautiful and concrete but not shaped trebles, deep basses..."

"...very nice... The loudspeakers disappear and only the sound stays on. business. This kind of reproduction never bores, and it should be so"

"...I can't trust my own ears, but it's like that. These loudspeakers play already from 25 Hz!! (in depression for sure). 20 Hz shakes windows only, but 25 Hz really play already! Unbelievable according to the size of the repro-system. Another plus for closed boxes."

"So I play on and on...and I feel like the new amplifier and these loudspeakers just took Diana Krall to my listening room "

"...suddenly there is an incredible space with these loudspeakers. They really play well being freely in the room (note: far from the walls of a metal room), basses mainly played nowhere else, perhaps..."