Loudspeaker Sforzato is designed as two-way system with closed enclosure. At design not only sound quality was of importance but also appearance and conception of loudspeaker cabinet and support NN1 as a whole. In set there is used middle bass speaker with dia 5,7inch and paper membrane painted with special dispersion paint which is dashed in a special way.

This measure should avoid possible transmission of vibrations. There is a tweeter with a 0,98inch silk dome. Both speakers are fixed to enclosure in a special way developed by VOBA e.a.f.. This way eliminates transmission of resonance from speaker to enclosure and back. This solution enables for both speakers optimal working condition and positive effect in whole frequency spectrum was proved by many listening tests. All edges are rounded. This eliminates eventual sound diffraction and sound reflection from front side.

Loudspeaker cabinet is made from MDF and natural massive wood painted and stained with quality italian and scandinavian paints in tint which was developed especially for this model.

Loudspeaker SFORZATO
For construction of inside part of enclosure a sandwich system specially designed and by many tests proved was used. System consists from three parts with total thickness 1,18inch and it compensates acoustic pressures and feed back originated inside the system. To prevent origin of standing sound wave and to set right mechanical effectivity there is inside of cabinet special polyurethane substance.

Loudspeaker SFORZATO
Front side of the cabinet is made from sandwich consisting f rom five parts with total thickness 1,57inch. Back side of baffle is made in the same way. Front layer of sandwich is from special material GLASSBOARD (6mm thick) which has got optimal reflective features. Back side of baffle is made in similar way where a pair of gilded terminals is located enabling connection in all common ways.

Loudspeaker SFORZATO
Crossover (passive frequency filter) is fitted with top quality components e.g. (backed wire coils with air core, MKP capacitors, top quality cables etc.).

Loudspeaker SFORZATO
Wiring among all parts of passive frequency filter are made without using printed circuit. Loudspeaker system VOBA Sforzato is recommended to be placed on VOBA support NN1.
System:two-way, closed enclosure
Mid-woofer:1x5,70 inch
Tweeter:1x0,98 inch
Crossover:1900Hz, Butterworth
(12db/okt. electr., 24db/okt. acoust.)
Power handling:80W
Dimensions:15,74x9,84x12,99 inches
Weight:61,72 lbs (without supp. NN1)
123,45 lbs (with supports NN1)