VOBA V.A.C.T. reference monitor is a result of a longstanding development. Its aim was to project and construct a high-tech model of two-way loudspeaker system, which would be able to compete the more-way loudspeakers.

In that case the middle-bass' driver is used in the system. The producer for an optimal operating in V.A.C.T. cabinet modifies it. The driver has a membrane of a diameter 6,96inch, made of carbon-paper composite with irregular arrangements of filaments. This design wants to absorb eventual unsuitable oscillations on the reproduction's membrane.

An unrivalled spread of transmitted frequency area in the direction of low frequencies is the result of other modifications of this driver. By using this special project the manufacturing of really rare loudspeaker was managed in the section of 7inch system. An tweeter with by hand impregnated silk dome with oscillator's diameter of 1,10inch is used in the system.

Both drivers are connected to the baffle by the technique developed only by VOBA e.a.f. This method avoids the transmission of resonance from the baffle to the drivers and back. And it makes optimal conditions for both drivers in the cabinet. Measuring and following listening tests verified the positive approval in the whole transmitted oscillating spectre.

Both loudspeaker systems V.A.C.T. are presently modified by special A.R.J. (Anti Resonant Junction). Aim of this modification is a minimalization of mechanical resonance and an improvement of electric-mechanical parameters of the speakers themselves.
Big stress had been accentuated
on choosing of all materials,
which satisfies the most
demanding technical and
aesthetic demands while
projecting. Absolutely rigid baffle
exerts itself in anything on the
final reproduction of whole

Precisely designed supports were
integrated also in areas with
critical resonation models of the
baffle while constructing.
The supports should minimalise
unexpected and unsuitable

Specially projected and strictly tested system of the sandwich type was used there, too. This system consists of four parts with the total corpulence of 2,28inch and it serves for a compensation of effects, which originate by acoustic pressures inside the system. Even more it is used for compensation of an influence of alternator's feedback on the final reproduction. To stop the origin of the stable undulation special PUR/melanin substance with precisely defined absorption degree and with appropriate transmission factor placed inside the cabinet for mechanic regulating of the system right way.

The front side of the loudspeaker system is made by the same sandwich type's method, which consists of six parts of total corpulence 2,63inch. Inside the baffle the sandwich is closed by a desk which is made of specially modified material GLASSBOARD of the corpulence of 0,23inch. This material has an optimal characteristic, important mainly for right radiating of high frequencies. Similar accomplishment is used also in the baffle's backside, otherwise only for aesthetic reason. A couple of massive gold terminals, which allow the connection with all commonly used forms, are situated in the backside.
All edges and the whole shape of
the cabinet from loudspeaker
system VOBA V. A. C. T. are
modulated by hand in attractive
visage and technical optimum.

The box of the loudspeaker
system is a combination of HDF,
MDF and natural wood - toned
in special "ship's" tint.

The exterior modification is made
only with luxurious piano lacquer
of a corpulence of 0,08inch.
They are developed especially for
this model.

The frequency filter of the loudspeaker system V. A. C. T. is compounded strictly by referential quality components - in total number: 14 parts. There were referential foil's types and C4Y inductors with overlarge profile used. C4Y inductors are sealed in special lacquers and baked afterwards. Capacitors used in the frequency filter of the loudspeaker system V. A. C. T. present special Mcap Supreme types with a silver foil loaded in oil.
This model of loudspeaker system
for compensations standardly
uses 2% of C4Y MKP capacitors.
Resistors are quality MOX.

Connections among all parts of
the passive frequency filter are
manufactured strictly with any use
of printed wiring.

All power connections inside the system are made with specially produced cables for this model from CABLE4YOU production.

We recommend the loudspeaker system V. A. C. T. not only because of uncommon proportions, but also on behalf of reaching the high-tech and esthetic level placed on six-times suspended, vibration resisting loudspeaker holders V. A. C. T. stand.
System:two-way, closed enclosure
Middle-bass:1x6,96 inch
Tweeter:1x1,10 inch
Crossover:2500 Hz Butterworth
Dimensions:10,66x19,72x19,68 inches
Weight:154,32 lbs (without support)
251,32 lbs (with support)